Sorry For Talking About Poop

I know that I’ve achieved a true friendship with someone when we can talk about poop on the regs. My sister Kacy and I have frequent text exchanges about out digestive struggles (#shittalk), and for good reason:


If reading that made you squirm, you can click away now, but I hope you won’t. You probably need to hear this.

For the past few weeks I’ve had a plateau of weight loss. Slightly frustrating, but since I’ve been focusing on healthy routine over numerical results, I just kept moving forward, getting my runs and strength in, shovelling (mostly) healthy food into my face.

Today the change finally came. Not only did I have a great weigh in this morning, finally crushing back the weight loss barrier, but right after, I had a great poo. A poo I had been waiting for for WEEKS. LIFE AFFIRMING POO. There’s potential that tomorrow, I could step on the scale and see a new low, kind of poo. It was award-winning. basically. Congratulations to me and my butt.

The long story short of this is that sometimes you have to forget about numbers and focus on taking care of yourself: take care of your mental health, mind your digestive health, and keep moving. The results will all come and fall in line!

Also, here have some bonus, my sister @saccharine.lemon‘s tips for keeping things moving smooooothly:

#1. Add a tablespoon of ground flax to a glass of water 10 minutes before meals
#2. Dried prunes/dates/figs are your friend, try for a few a day
#3. If you’re struggling, try limiting dairy
#4. Try food pairing (look this up, I have no time to explain the ins and outs)
#5. Try probiotics (kefir is a good option!)
#6. Try for variety! Your body likes to keep things fresh!