The Fitspo Dumpster #1

Becoming inspired to get fit > fitspo.

For the uninitiated, fitspo is what happened when the internet age collided with motivational cards and posters trying to encourage people into moving their booties. You see a lot #fitspo posts on Instagram, and while some of them are fun and effective, enlightening or thought provoking, there is also a LOT downright stupidity running rampant out there, wearing the disguise of being enlightening and encouraging.

Recently I collected a bunch of my worst favourites, and now, I present this beautiful #fitspotrash for you. Let’s go dumpster diving.

“I Wish I Was Dead”

Okay so… are you doing deadlifts or dying? Or having an existential crisis? Have you discovered that bicep curls are the key to living forever through high-key machismo and military font? WHAT HAPPENS ON THE 15th REP?!?!?!?


Did anyone else get a jaw drop at this!? The first line of this one reads like a manifesto for domestic violence. I can’t fathom the rest of it—I’m too busy marvelling at how tone deaf it is, while ALSO staring at the way they laid the font out specifically to show off the gleaming belly button.

Your “Inner Fatty” is Probably Cooler Than You

For the record, I am the sort of evil bitch who starts missing my cupcake when I’m still EATING it and I haven’t even finished the last bite.

Cut Up and Deep Fried?

This one almost gets away with it because the emojis mean that it’s laughing at itself. Unfortunately, like your loud uncle at every single large family gathering, it is laughing at itself because it genuinely thinks it is funny and not because it realizes it’s stupid.

That’s Not What Google Said

You can’t beat the classics: this one can be found on tons of sites and accounts with different fonts and colours for every aesthetic except the one that understands the way the human body works, or the one that sees exercise as something other than self flagellation.