Thinking on it, Thanksgiving is one of my favourite holidays—it’s usually on the cusp of true fall, when the days are cool and the nights get frosty, I get to head home from Montreal to stay with my parents, Bob’s Burgers usually has an amazing turkey-themed episode to enjoy, and there’s tons of cooking to be done.

Stuffing, turkey, mashed potatoes, roasted vegetables, salads, squash and my specialty—dessert—my family goes all out on the nosh. Plus our house is filled with people—my sisters, my totally dope brother-in-law, and our close family friends, all getting together to drink and eat, and take a look at all of the goodness we’re grateful for in our lives.

So this post isn’t going to be about weight loss, because there was just way too much fooding going on here this weekend and honestly, when I’m at home, I eat like a total stoner-turned-cow and graze on everything. (Confession: I had two oreos before breakfast this morning. I never buy them, my parents do. So there you have it.) Instead, this is just a short list of all the things I am thankful for when it comes to my body, and my health.

I’m thankful that I can afford nourishing and healthy food (and also some not-so-healthy treats)

I’m thankful to have all of my faculties and a functioning, healthy body.

I’m thankful for every step my body lets me take, every kilometre it lets me run, and every pose it lets me hold.

I’m grateful for the moles and beauty marks on my skin, which I get from my mother and my Babcia.

I’m grateful for carbs (my one true love).

I’m grateful for the friends and family who encourage and support me.

I’m grateful for the time to change, to become stronger and take care of myself better—and that’s the plan.

I’m grateful for my mother’s heart attack—not because it happened, but because it was a warning to her, and to me, and pushed my family as a whole towards healthier habits.

I’m thankful for this blog.

Next up, watch me backslide from all this internal peace and flip out over how to counteract the Thanksgiving slump before the Christmas season!


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